Phoenix Weatherman’s Hilarious Response to a Technical Glitch

You know what they say about live TV – you have to be ready for anything!
YouTube / FOX 10 Phoenix

That is exactly what happened when a local news show in Arizona broadcast a live weather report. In the middle of the weather report, the screen behind him suffered from an obvious computer glitch! As the weather reporter pointed out the temperature reading across various towns in Arizona, something odd showed up on the screen…

Hilarious Improvisation on Live TV Ensues!

The computer error showed higher than usual (er, way too high!) temperature reading than average on some parts of Arizona on the map. When the screen switches to another detailed view of the map, the error seemed even more obvious! But instead of apologizing for the computer glitch or prompting the producer to switch to another camera angle, the weather reporter played along with it. He showed no signs of pressure or desire to give up broadcast!

What happens next is pure TV gold…
YouTube / FOX 10 Phoenix

Naming each location where the error showed up, he chimes in about one town, “I’m not authorized to evacuate… but this temperature seems pretty high!” This triggered a bellowing echo of laughter from his co-hosts.

The weather reporter manages to transition to the next part of his broadcast without a hint of the glitch. But not after he’s used his sense of humor to get out of what could’ve been an embarrassing situation on live broadcast.

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