Top 20 Biggest Dogs in the World

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Over the recent years, pet owners are opting to care for pint-sized pooches more than ever. The reason for this is clear: these pooches are adorable as can be, plus they are easy to tag along wherever you may go. But there are a few dog owners who like their pets bigger! If you are currently looking for a big pet dog, you need to look at the following dog breeds to make your choices easier.

1. Legs that can run for days

They say TV is the best babysitter…Well, maybe they haven’t seen this badass dog. Woof!

2. Is this even possible?

This husky looks like it can carry 3 full-grown adults on its back and still outrun a car.

3. I got your back.

You will never feel scared if this stud has your back.

4. All he needs is a hug, right?

This is probably the happiest giant dog ever.

5. Meet the world’s biggest lap dog.

Does this guy realize how big he is?

6. This one looks like a dog/bear/lion hybrid.

This maybe the biggest dog in this list. How do you feed this giant fella?

7. Scared of Pit bulls?

Don’t be. This one is a lover, not a fighter.

8. Fluffiest husky out there.

The Dire wolves are real after all.

9. Another dog/bear hybrid?

We’re not entirely sure what this one is, but just basing on its size, it looks more like a bear than a dog.

10. You can’t hide anything from this one.

With that length you can’t hide any food from this dog. He can reach anything, even the top of the fridge.

11. Is this a horse?

This baby can ride this dog.

12. This giant fella needs some pampering too.

Imagine how many hours of shampoo will it take to bathe this one.

13. A giant pillow and a dog, in one.

You may or may never go out of bed with this giant pooch on your side.

14. Once a laptop, will always be a lapdog.

No matter how big they get, they will always want to sit on your lap.

15. Higher bro!

So you want to be a dog trainer?

16. One with the boys.

Nothing is cuter than big dogs thinking they’re people.

17. Self Service

He can’t bend over to reach his water bowl, so he drinks straight from the source.

18. I’m a dog and a heavy furry blanket in one.

Want to feel cozy? Cuddle this one.

19. Say it to my face, bro!

Just one of those “who’s going to blink first” challenge.

20. Nom nom nom

Nothing to see here. Just a giant dog, munching his owner’s lap..