Pet Peeves for People Who Despise Their Food Touching

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Some food items are best when mixed with other food items. This is how side dishes came to be, after all. But there are some food items that should never go together. Some people have developed these weird habits to ensure that their food do not touch each other. Find out if you are guilty of doing any of these…

You use two plates top ensure that every type of food has their own plate.

…and yes, that includes sauces or condiments. You’re just making sure that they’re safe from each other to avoid being ‘contaminated’.

You refuse to eat food that has touched other types of food.

…because it is clearly not work risking it, isn’t it?

You use napkins as plates.

…because that’s what those napkins are for, right?

You jump for joy when restaurants use plates with compartments in them.

…it’s a genius idea and you end up wishing you had one yourself at home.

Or, you want to get one of those plastic kids plates with compartments.

…it is fun and functional too! Plus, your food is safe in their own little spot.

You would rather put your food on the table than let it touch other food.

…this is taking it a bit too far. But it makes complete sense to you!

You hate family holidays wherein your plate turns into one pile of mush.

…and it’s not how real food should be eaten or served!

You find airplane food delightful.

…even though it does not taste good, at least they are served in individual containers.

You think bento boxes are the best invention EVER!

…and you use it even when you’re not eating Japanese food.

Do any of these ring true to you?