Miniature Couple Shoot Creates Buzz Online

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A Thai wedding photographer, Ekkachai Saelow, always like to capture the finer details of his subject in his photos. But when he was asked to take a photograph of a couple for their engagement shoot, he took that phrase “finer details” to the next level. He literally turned the couple into small persons by using a technique designed to introduce his subjects into the miniature macro world. The resulting photos were surreal and stunning in its simplicity!

Photo #1

In the first photo, the couple was seen sitting on a ledge next to a vintage car. Both the couple and the car were turned into micro images and they look dwarfed by the fallen leaves behind them.

Photo #2

In the next photo, the miniature couple is walking on a pot of plants while carrying an oversized leaf above their heads for cover. Two words: too cute!

Photo #3

The third set of photo is adorable as the first two. Once again, a vintage car is involved wherein the couple dressed up in a fun vintage shoot.

Photo #4

This one is just too adorable. The couple are standing on the edge of a wall while playing with the rain and holding hands!

Photo #5

This one involved a bit more editing tricks but fun nonetheless. The lady rides a bike while her partner tries to cling on the bike. Like them, both the bike and the car used as props were also turned into miniature versions.

Photo #6

This is a simple shot with the couple sitting next to each other. To keep up with this theme of turning them into miniature folks, photographer Saelow shrinks them and places them atop a tree branch.

The famous Thai photographer isn’t famous for his works for nothing. He likes to utilize nature and puts his subjects against them to provide perspective. It is a fun and unique concept that easily made him stand out in the industry.