Justin Bieber Takes a Fall While Adjusting Pants On-Stage

YouTube / Il Ticinese Amico

All of us takes a fall sometimes (literally and figuratively) – the only difference is for celebrities like Justin Bieber, when that fall happens, it’s usually in front of a thousand concert-goers or fans. And a million others all over the world – as there is a huge chance that Instagram users and camera crews are there to record every moment.

Keep Those Pants Up!

In the middle of his concert in Saskatoon, Canada, Justin Bieber was seen adjusting his pants, with his back facing the audience. As the audience held their breath, waiting as the pop star transitions to the next part of the show, he kept walking off into the center of the stage. He kept going and going until he was gone… poof! He walked off towards the end of a walkway (apparently) as the view turns into empty air!

No, Bieber wasn’t trying to pull off a magic illusion! A loud thud could be heard by those live on the venue as the fall happened. A few moments of silence followed with the audience left to wonder what happened. What this part of the show? Apparently not! In an effort to keep his pants up, he fell down (no matter how ironic that is!).

Bieber is A-Okay!


A few seconds later, Bieber emerged from that hole. He told the crowd he was okay. But bet his ego was hurt by that fall…or not? Who are we to speak on his behalf, right?

How many of you can say that you fell in front of a huge crowd? He man up and went on with the show! But not until everything was recorded on the audience’s phones and took Instagram by storm. You can find gifs of his fall all over the internet by now!

Whether it is a poor stage design or his own lack of awareness of where he was on-stage, Bieber has probably learned his lesson to not mess with his pants while the show is ongoing!