Husband Trashes House After Wife Took Prank Too Far

There are many ways to infuriate a passionate football fan, but you don’t want to agitate a passionate football fan sitting comfortably on his couch while watching his country play in the Euro Cup live in his living room.

He Just Want to Watch the Game Alone, Uninterrupted
YouTube / Jaka Joko

Izzet Salti tried to watch his country Turkey, play against Croatia in Euro Cup. He wanted to focus on the game, so he got stressed when his wife kept on asking questions. He shouted at her to leave the room. Unfortunately, he pissed off his wife, prompting her to get up and plan her revenge. And it wasn’t pretty.

The Prank Starts
YouTube / Jaka Joko

Facing to her camera, Mrs. Salti talked about pranking her husband in response to the way he spoke to her. She set up a hidden camera and recorded the whole ordeal.

Watching intently, the TV appears to cut for no apparent reason. Izzet reacts by trying to look for the remote control, thinking he must have sat on it. When he couldn’t find it, he tried to bang the screen in hope to fix it. The game suddenly returns, and Izzet takes his seat. Little did he know, his wife was using an app in her smartphone that allows her to control the TV.

It’s All Fun and Games, Until Someone Gets Really Pissed
YouTube / Jaka Joko

The prank gets even better as TV turns off at the most crucial moments of the game. Izzet becomes increasingly angry, and when he reached his boiling point, both the TV and their laptop are history.

Watch the whole prank here:

There are two things we can learn from here: First, don’t piss off your woman. Second, don’t push the joke too far.