Humans and Apes Share Common Ancestors, But There’s More to the Story According to this Scientist

pig-apeTons of scientific evidences show we have originated from an apelike ancestor. However, human evolution is a lengthy process, with big spaces yet to be filled. Experts also don’t seem to agree on different theories’ starting and ending points. One expert brings something new to the table.

At Some Point Back in Human Evolutionary History, a Male Pig Hooked Up with a Female Chimp

Dr. Eugene McCarthy, an American geneticist and one of the world’s authorities in animal hybridisation, points out the features that distinguish humans from primates and characteristics that pigs and humans share. And he has compelling evidences to support his claim.


He said that human’s evolutionary history started from the hybrid offspring of a female chimpanzee and a male pig.

Aside from the genetic similarities of chimps and humans, he highlighted huge difference in anatomical characteristics of both the pig and the chimp, and how we share some characteristics of the former. This includes hairless skin, heavy eyelashes, light-colored eyes, protruding nose, a layer of subcutaneous fat, and similar structures of internal organs.

The Hybrid Became Popular Among Lady Chimps

The hybrid may have followed several “backcrossing” of generations, where it lived and mated with other chimps – becoming less like pig and more like chimp through new generations.

It’s a controversial hypothesis, which unsurprisingly, has been met with tons of oppositions. One is that, pigs and chimps have very little chance to inter-fertile. Second, is that the pig’s sperm will wouldn’t be able to recognise the chimp’s egg.

Not a Pretty Image

Dr. McCarthy himself admitted that the image of pig and ape mating is not a pretty one, which is something we can all agree. Despite the different opinions of peer reviewers however, his work brings a new paradigm shift on the conventional views of the origin of our specie.