How To Create Summer Beach Nail Art In 5 Easy Steps

Who would not love spending her summer to the beach? Especially when you are with your friends and love ones. You just can’t help but look good this summer and have that beach ready body! Most of the ladies out there needs to know that what makes their look extra special would be to have this very cool Beach Nail Art.

Women love to wear manicure. I agree there are a lot of nice colors that you can choose from with your manicure but what makes your nails look more unique and amazing is through applying nail studs which makes the overall look of your nails breathtaking.

If you really like how to make your nails feel the warm beach then you should watch the video tutorial from Cutepolish and Nails by Miri. If you are looking to achieve a beach mani fashion to your nails then you should definitely watch her tutorial on how amazingly easy it would be to recreate.

What You Need

  • Clear base coat
  • Nude polish
  • Blue polish
  • Clear top coat
  • Dotting tool
  • Beach nail studs
  • Nail glue (optional)

Step By Step Instructions Below

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How To Do It

  1. First you need to apply your base coat so that the polish would easily stick to your nails. It is also important to use a base coat because it would help protect your nails from discoloration or damaging effects of using nail polish. This would also prevent the nail polish from peeling and it would make your nails even have a very nice texture.
  2. Second you can apply the first layer of nail polish known as Hema Beach Nude nail polish. This would give your nails a neutral look and feel. It would be the theme of the white sands of the beach. It will make your feel really warm. You can apply two coats to make the color stand out more.
  3. Third you can apply the second layer of nail polish known as Hema Rapid Blue. You can create strokes in the middle of your nails using a blue polish. This will give you a taste of cool feeling and beautiful color of the sea.  You can apply two more coats to make the color blue look prettier.
  4. Fourth you can apply a clear top coat to each nail before it dries. You can add the nail art beach nail studs along the blue coat by using a dotting tool. This will make you feel like a mermaid. These cool silver studs can be glued using a nail glue to make it stick to your nails without harming it.
  5. If you are now happy with how your nails look you can now seal it with a clear top coat.

Even if you are not in the beach this nail art will make you feel like you are enjoying the heat of the sun and the warm sand. Who would not want to flaunt these new nail art? Anyone would want to look like a very pretty, modern and cool looking mermaid.

Images via YouTube / cutepolish