You Wouldn’t Believe The Tests The USAF Honor Guards Have to Pass

To become a Ceremonial Guardsman of the USAF, you need to be able to maintain bearing at all times. You should be able to keep a poker face, even if there’s a rubber chicken being shoved in your face.
YouTube / Tony C

The Test That Separates Men from the Boys

We all have played that ‘you laugh, you lose’ game, and if you’ve been good at it, then you may have the edge to ace the USAF Guardsmen bearing test. In the video, the Instructors at USAF Honor Guard Technology School puts newcomers to the test and try to crack them in their Airmen’s bearing test.

The squeaking sound and the hideous face of a feather-less chicken is really hard to resist. Some pass the rubber chicken test, while those who don’t pay the penalty. Now that’s torture.

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