Celebs With the Most Expensive (Insured) Body Parts

mileyThe average person only has enough money to pay for medical and life insurance. But the following celebrities have shown us that there’s more to be insured than just those two things. This article lists some funny, strange and downright beautiful body parts that celebrities have insured.

Jennifer Lopez

http://kdn.ozar.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/033016_2309_TheTop21Cel1.jpgJennifer Lopez is known for her songs, dance moves, acting and of course her booty. Those cheeks are insured at a price of $300 million dollars! The name of the insurance company that she used isn’t know but the cost reportedly covers everything from scratches to cellulite. Her job as an artist could make her even richer if anything happens to that money-maker.

Mariah Carey

One would think that with the notes that Mariah’s voice can reach would make her want to insure those vocal chords, but no, think again. She insured those long, long legs of hers for $1 billion a decade ago. She’s covered against cuts (even from shaving), bruises and anything else that could possibly happen to someone’s legs.