Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar Make a Splash at their BET Performance

Even before the BET Awards took place, rumors were swirling about the supposed Beyonce performance. Considering that she hasn’t performed in any awards show this year, even the Grammys, many dismissed it as a rumor.

Live Performance of Freedom

But Beyonce didn’t disappoint… she took to the stage during the show. Queen Bey performed “Freedom” live at the BET Awards and kept everyone on the edge of their seat.


Show-Stopping Performance

When Beyonce takes the stage, you can expect more than just a performance – she’s going to steal the show! And that’s exactly what she did. Fans would be familiar with the dance-on-water routine that she performed during her Formation World Tour.


Kendrick Lamar Joins In

Beyonce collaborated with rapper Kendrick Lamar on her Lemonade track. But he also joins her on-stage to perform Freedom!


Kendrick Got Baptized On-Stage!

As the rapper joins Beyonce to perform her dance-on-water routine, she kicked up some water that flew onto Kendrick’s face. But considering Bey’s superstar status in the music world, it’s a baptism of sorts… at the BET Awards, no less.


The Braids are Back!

Aside from surprising fans when she performed at the BET Awards, long-time fans of Beyonce since the Destiny’s Child days were nostalgic about her braids during the show.

Thanks to Beyonce’s surprise performance, it was an epic BET Awards show! It sure will go down as one of the most memorable BET Awards show in recent memory.