Artist Manipulates Lighting to Provide a Unique Showcase of His Art

Paintings that illuminates in darkness

For most artists, turning off the lights would mean your work of art on the wall disappears with the light too. But artist Patrik Munchenberger isn’t like most artists. He created a masterpiece that enables you to see his works even when you turn off the light completely.

Photo-sensitive Art

This might be new to most of you – but museums spend a great deal of money on perfecting the light at the museum. The light enhances the work of art and makes it favorable to the eyes. But you wouldn’t be able to appreciate those masterpieces without any light.

Patrik Munchenberger’s work is different – they look their best without the lights on. This was a concept that was innovated by the artist in an effort to change the way people look at art again. He takes advantage of dark and under UV light in order to transform his work of art. Indeed, his artwork is without a doubt beautiful with natural light. But you will appreciate it even more when you turn off the light or use UV light.

Art Showcase

To showcase just how amazing his art transforms, Munchenberger showcases three different perspectives of his every work. Under natural light, the painting looks completely normal. But when you turn on the UV light, it creates a different combination of colors. But when you go completely dark, the colors seem to glow in the light creating an entirely different masterpiece!

Some of his most notable paintings that Munchenberger has shown so far include “Chapada”, “Untitled Trees”, “Die Freude ist ungebrochen” and “Aesthetic of Enthusiasm”. When you put the three different perspectives next to each other, you won’t be able to tell that all three are from the same painting. You have to see it to believe it!