19 Ways to Prepare Croissants Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Thanks to the French for introducing this amazing bread to the culinary world – we probably couldn’t imagine life without it! One of the things that make croissant so popular is its versatility. You can enjoy it savory or sweet – your options are limitless. But these 19 ideas seem to take that liberty to a whole new level!

Popcorn on Croissant

We’re not quite digging this idea… we still think popcorns belong in a bag. Definitely not on top of croissants!

Croissant Topped with Tomatoes

What is this… pizza?!

Croissant Sandwich

No me odies…. ????

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…because who needs a bun, right?

Croissant Filled with Greens

Cross section of my matcha croissant. That oozey matcha goodness ??

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Who knows… it could be good for you!

Green Filling

Is it even edible? No thanks!

Croissant Stuffed with Ice Cream

Icecream Croissant Balsamic vinegar #croissant #icecream #balsamic #vinegar

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We’ve tried sweet croissant fillings but ice cream is taking it way too far.

Tuna Croissant

We don’t quite dislike this idea as much as others on this list, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a bit weird.

Truffles on Croissants

It’s definitely taking croissant to a whole new gourmet level!

Salmon Croissants

'Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Croissant' สโมคแซลมอนหอมๆชิ้นโตๆกับครีมชีส รสเค็มนิดๆ กืนกับครัวซองกรอบนอกในนุ่มจากร้านต้นตำรับแท้จากฝรั่งเศส อร่อยเข้ากั๊นเข้ากัน 290 THB / 8.23 USD ‘PAUL' 1st Floor, Central Embassy, Ploenchit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand โทร. 02 001 5160 French Food, Western Food Open Everyday 10.00 – 22.00 ชิม & แชร์อาหาร & ร้านอร่อย เผื่อเพื่อน Share Your Yummy Food For Friends Hashtag #poohplate Follow @poohplate & www.facebook.com/poohplate ^^

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We love salmon and croissant… just not together!

Croissant and Salad?

Healthy and indulgent? It’s a good balance!

Sausage on a Croissant

It’s a brilliant idea! But not sure it’s something that would be a hit… for neither sausage nor croissant lovers!

Sweetened Jam

This one is really taking it too far!

Croissant with Colored Icing

Colored icing should be best left on a cake. Enough said.

Pineapple on Croissant


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Another genius idea but nothing that will probably taste as good as it looks!

Croissant with Cheese Sauce

Honey is very curious.. So #dinner for tonight ? #saltedegg #croissant . Melting and delicious.

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We love drizzling cheese sauce over anything… except croissant.

Chicken Salad on Croissant

Not so bad idea. Just don’t use croissant to stuff the chicken salad with.

Lobster and French Fries Combo

Is this a more expensive version of fish and chips?

Gourmet Croissant

Love the presentation, just not sure how the flavors work!

Egg and Veggies?

Using croissant won’t elevate your standard egg sandwich, you know!